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This primo package collects 3 keys' worth of the TRUE STORY of Janie XXXXX, a streetwise girl who at age 15 escapes from small-town Ohio to L.A. in the late '70s.  Soon, she gets involved in her neighbor's business: cocaine. For the next eight years, Janie works to hustle Peruvian flake for the Cartel at clubs and parties, selling to the rich, famous and powerful. Then she decides to stop selling, and the trouble starts.
This is pure, uncut material, straight from our main suppliers, Marvel artist Farid Karami (Heroes Reborn: Night-Gwen) and Hollywood writer Matthew Spradlin (Bad Kids Go to Hell).  Street value is $19.99 right now.  We'll even throw in a little extra for your friends: FOUR ALL-NEW PAGES of story!  Word on the street is you can get addicted to this.