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 Join creators, writers, and comics legends as they discuss the impact of Marvel Studios' Black Panther in this gorgeously illustrated collection of essays.

Marvel Studios' Black Panther has become more than just a movie-it has shaped conversations about art, culture, science fiction, representation, justice, fashion, comics, creativity, and so much more. Celebrate the legacy of the film with this collection of all-new personal essays and reflections that shed light on its monumental impact, including firsthand stories from artists involved in the film, cultural analysis from journalists and academics, and thoughtful insights from writers and comics legends. Each contributor brings their unique expertise and experience to explore the film's genesis and significance from every angle. Complete with gorgeous original illustrations, Dreams of Wakanda brings together a wide array of diverse and multifaceted perspectives that exemplify the many ways the film has impacted cinema, culture, and society.

In this collection:

    costume designer Ruth E. Carter takes us through her Afrofuturistic designs
    writer Tre Johnson discusses the metaphoric qualities of vibranium
    author Yona Harvey reflects on how the film has resonated with audiences across the African diaspora
    journalist Hannah Giorgis uncovers how the soundtrack fits into sonic portraits of Blackness