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From prolific writer and comics creator Keith Giffen comes his imagining of the DC Universe's deadliest team. Former members of the Injustice Gang are given a chance for freedom, yet they embark on another deadly mission.

After the ruins of "Our Worlds at War", Sgt. Rock--now a general--is back in action to lead the Squad to victory, or to death. The question remains: How can the new Squad's leader come up with a plan to take on a biological weapon that's gone out of control? This is just the beginning of political intrigue and corporate deceptions from LexCorp all the way to the presidency.

In "Casualties of War," everyone loves an island party; unfortunately the Squad just got caught crashing. Now these crafty convicts must pool their dwindling resources and figure out how to defeat an attacking populace that can't be killed.

Uncover who is really behind this new Suicide Squad! Can Rock's hastily formed team of Deadshot, Killer Frost, Major Disaster, Reactron, and Blackstarr stop trying to kill each other long enough to prevent the end of our entire planet as we know it?

With flashback sequences and guest stars, the Suicide Squad wraps up its tour of duty in the deadliest ways possible and truly lives up to its name.

Suicide Squad #1-12.