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The ultimate behind-the-scenes art book for all BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS fans is finally here.

See from start to finish how a creative team at the top of their game makes an Eisner Award-winning graphic novel. Replicates materials from the entire process of creating PULP, from ED BRUBAKER's original notebook entries, to the initial script, to PHILLIPS' breakdowns and pencils, all the way to the final edited and polished book itself, presented in full color. See what the book started out as, what changed in the final version before print, and go deep into BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS' process.

PULP: THE PROCESS EDITION is a beautifully designed hardcover with everything a collector could want, including the full graphic novel itself, reproduced for the first time in a stunningly detailed oversized format. A must-have for any hardcore BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS fan.