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 The Metal Men are back! 
And back and back again as they discover they are not the first versions of themselves…

The Metal Men team—Platinum, Gold, Tin, Lead, Mercury, and Iron find a secret room hidden in Doc Magnus’s lab full of empty shells of previous versions of their robotic selves and confront their creator about it.
To make matters worse, a mysterious metal has come through from the Dark Multiverse at Challengers Mountain. He claims he is the Nth Metal Man and that he can provide the Metal Men with true sentience, something Magnus was apparently only pretending to have given them.
Who is this Nth Metal Man, and what does he really want? If Platinum didn’t know she was based off a real woman Magnus used to know, what else is Magnus hiding from the team? And will the team have to venture into the Dark Multiverse themselves to find out the truth?
Writer Dan DiDio (
Sideways) and artist Shane Davis (Superman: Earth One) team up to bring the Metal Men to life on the page in a way that’s never been seen before in Metal Men: Elements of Change. Collects Metal Men #1-12